Connect Express

Our Mission

We strive to provide expert freight services to the Southeast region.

Our mission is to help companies deliver shipments on time, without incident, and at a reasonable cost. We help companies succeed by taking transportation worries out of their hands and into ours. We connect our customers to the freight solutions that help them thrive.

We also believe that friendly, professional service is essential to success. We like to provide freight service with a smile.

Committed to Shipping Excellence

Our drivers are safe, efficient handlers who understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

We provide a wide variety of shipping services, including regional truckload shipping throughout the Southeast, intermodal transportation, last mile transportation, hostling and yard management, less than truckload (LTL), cartage work, and same-day and expedited shipping. We know how important it is to receive your shipments on time and without complication. We strive to make regional shipping a painless experience.

With decades of freight experience, our Nashville team is committed to helping businesses solve their transportation issues. We like the challenge of a seemingly difficult problem. With attention, thought, and experience, we help businesses get their much needed goods delivered on time and without a headache. Our goal is provide expert shipping and freight solutions that allow businesses to flow seamlessly.

When we do our job well, our customers are able to do their jobs well.